60 Minutes

60 Minutes

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60 Minutes
  • Well Rounded Flow with Rachelle | 60

    Get prepared for some sweat and a whole lot of flow, accompanied by DJ’s beats that will inspire you to get out of your head and back home to your body. Welcome yourself to a playful and soulful experience for your heart, body, spirit.

  • Hips & Heart Flow with Shayna | 60

    This invigorating yoga class will ease you into the deeper layers of your hips and heart so you can melt away stress and tension, find your strength and leave feeling reborn and light.

  • Full Body Flow with Shayna | 60

    Slow strong flow with plenty of upper body strengthening, grounding and flying!

  • Signature Flow with Shayna | 60

    This class will open your heart and strengthen your arms and core while leaving you feeling grounded, clear and inspired.

  • Full Body Flow with Shayna | 60

    This class will invigorate you, strengthen your body and deepen your meditation practice in order to create lightness, clarity and magic!

  • Accept & Surrender with Shayna | 60

    This traditional flow includes a creative sequence that will strengthen, soothe and support your entire body and mind.

  • Strength Builder with Steve | 60

    Take a balanced approach to strengthening and opening muscle groups throughout the entire body, which will leave feeling energized and invigorated!

  • Strength & Open Your Hips with Steve | 60

    We will work on Strengthening and stretching the muscles that surround your hip joint.

  • Strength Builder with Steve | 60

    Working on inner leg strength for stability in the core and back. By tapping into your inner legs this will help to properly access your core and improve your overall posture.

  • Posture Perfect with Steve | 60

    We will work on stability and strength to support your joints and improve your posture.

  • Signature Flow with Jaime | 60

    Exploring binds, using various twists to loosen any stiffness in the spine. Try to feel light as you float from one posture to another.

  • Figure Four with Jaime | 60

    In this dynamic vinyasa practice, we will be working towards Eka Pada Galvasana. We will also play with Crow, Side Crow, Koundinyasana 2 and Bunny Hops. Prepare to float and have fun.

  • Journey To Bird with Jaime | 60

    Exploring various peak poses using side angle and side plank as the foundation. We will journey through Crow, Side Crow, Koundinyasana 2 , Bird of Paradise and peak into the elusive Visvamitrasana.
    This pose is a twist, a standing pose, a deep hip opener and an advanced arm balance all in one!

  • Happy Hammy with Jaime | 60

    A movement based class with a dominant focus on lengthening the hamstrings and opening up the outer hips. Plus glute and core stabilizer's to support the peak pose
    Peak pose: Pincha

  • Back Bends with Jaime | 60

    A focus on the spine. Moving through a sequence designed to support backbends, with twists and front hip openers.
    Peak backbends include: Dancers + Camel + King Dancers