Strength Builder

Strength Builder

This class is designed to strengthen, balance and detoxify your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures with connected breath. Strengthen your body like never before.

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Strength Builder
  • Full Body Flow with Rachelle | 30

    This class is a blend of yoga with some high interval training moves incorporated into the flow. Prepare to sweat and strengthen your core and body from the outside in and inside out.

  • Back Bends with Jaime | 60

    A focus on the spine. Moving through a sequence designed to support backbends, with twists and front hip openers.
    Peak backbends include: Dancers + Camel + King Dancers

  • Journey To Bird with Jaime | 60

    Exploring various peak poses using side angle and side plank as the foundation. We will journey through Crow, Side Crow, Koundinyasana 2 , Bird of Paradise and peak into the elusive Visvamitrasana.
    This pose is a twist, a standing pose, a deep hip opener and an advanced arm balance all in one!

  • Figure Four with Jaime | 60

    In this dynamic vinyasa practice, we will be working towards Eka Pada Galvasana. We will also play with Crow, Side Crow, Koundinyasana 2 and Bunny Hops. Prepare to float and have fun.

  • Posture Perfect with Steve | 60

    We will work on stability and strength to support your joints and improve your posture.

  • Strength with Sliders Laura | 25

    This 30 minute lower body slider workout does not disappoint. Don’t have sliders? Use 2 small towels on hardwood floor or 2 paper plates on carpet. We target glutes, hamstrings, quads, adductors (inner thigh) and abductors (outer hip) by first performing all exercises on the right side and then m...

  • +++Strength Builder Level up with Jaime | 30

    We take you higher in this advanced flow. Prepare to breathe, flow, float, and fly your way through a fiery, inversion-based sequence. With a lot of opportunities to test your balance and a lot of grounding found through the hands, this class will leave you feeling ready to take the rest of your...

  • Body Burn HIIT with Laura | 20

    This 20 minute full body high intensity workout will get your heart pumping and target every muscle group - no equipment needed. We start with a full body warmup to activate and engage the glutes, upper body and core. Each circuit of the workout includes a strength training exercise followed by a...

  • Booty Block with Laura | 20

    This 20 minute workout using a yoga block is dedicated to the booty. By targeting the glutes and hamstrings, we work to sculpt the back side of your body (AKA posterior chain). After the warmup, we start on the floor with glute bridge variations and move into standing exercises. Revisit anytime y...

  • Strength with Sliders Laura | 20

    This 20 minute upper body and core slider workout is killer! Don’t have sliders? Use 2 small towels on hardwood floor or 2 paper plates on carpet. The exercises in this session target obliques, rectus and transverse abdominals, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

  • Full Body Flow with Shayna | 60

    Slow strong flow with plenty of upper body strengthening, grounding and flying!

  • Strength Builder with Katie | 30

    Looking for a challenge? This class is ideal for yogis seeking to elevate their inversion and backbend practice. You will move through an energizing flow while exploring a range of backbends that will prepare you mentally and physically.

  • Signature Flow with Krystina | 30

    This class highlights intelligent sequencing to strengthen your core. Build heat in the body and work up to Bow Pose, a strong backbend.

  • Full Body Dumbbell with Laura | 20

    This 20 minute full body dumbbell workout is a great strength builder. If you have a set of weights, this is a great time to break them out. We start with a full body warmup and move into two circuits - the first targeting lower body and core and the second focusing on back and obliques. You’ll s...

  • Strength Builder 45 with Denise

    Strengthen your inner thighs and cultivate more balance in postures using support from both your arms and legs.

  • Power Flow with Denise | 45

    This practice focuses on hip openers and side plank variations that can help you work towards Ekapada 2 and Vashistasana variations.

  • Level Up 45 with Denise

    Full body flow with attention to quads, plank holds and one legged balance extensions. Peak poses including bound Warrior 3, standing splits, room for handstands and chapasana.

  • Level Up 45 with Denise

    This level up practice will strengthen your hip flexors, quads and calves. You may flip your dog all the way into eka pada 1 and/or a one leg twisted prayer lunge.

  • +++Strength Builder with Dominick | 30 +++

    This class begins with a focus on strengthening the lower body combined with transitional core work and finishes with shoulder strengtheners.

  • Strength & Open Your Hips with Steve | 60

    We will work on Strengthening and stretching the muscles that surround your hip joint.

  • 20 Minute Core with Steve | 20

    This class focuses on strengthening the front and side abdominals, along with your low back.

  • Strength Builder with Steve | 60

    Working on inner leg strength for stability in the core and back. By tapping into your inner legs this will help to properly access your core and improve your overall posture.

  • Strength Builder with Steve | 60

    Take a balanced approach to strengthening and opening muscle groups throughout the entire body, which will leave feeling energized and invigorated!

  • Signature Flow with Steve | 30

    A well rounded core strengthening class focusing on Abs, back, hamstrings and glutes.