Signature Flow

Signature Flow

This vinyasa-style class guides students through fundamental postures with creative sequencing. Linking breath to movement and may include arm-balances, inversions and twists to stretch and strengthen the body.

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Signature Flow
  • +++Dynamic Flow with Shayna | 30 +++

    This invigorating class will challenge you in the sweetest way possible. Be prepared to flow, sweat and use your breath to weave each posture together in order to create a harmonious moving meditation.

  • Dynamic Flow with Rachelle | 60

    This well rounded flow will help you to ground and come back home to your body and heart. Lots of breath work to help bring more space in between your thoughts and open your heart.

  • Intro to Yoga with Steve | 20

    This class focuses on creating strength for a strong well aligned Chaturanga.

  • Well Rounded Flow with Rachelle | 60

    Get prepared for some sweat and a whole lot of flow, accompanied by DJ’s beats that will inspire you to get out of your head and back home to your body. Welcome yourself to a playful and soulful experience for your heart, body, spirit.

  • +++Foundation with Dominick | 20+++

    This class offers steady posture preparation so you can build strength around your alignment. You will be guided through warrior one, crescent warrior, and warrior two. This class is a great preparation for building a strong practice.

  • Heart Opening with Denise | 45

    Twist and lengthen your way into Dancers Pose, with a number of juicy backbends and Warrior 1 variations along the way.

  • Signature Flow with Katie | 30

    This class is designed to help you move safely into splits. You will strengthen and stretch your hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and low back while learning the proper alignment and technique to guide you into the splits.

  • Sweaty Flow with Rachelle | 60

    This practice will anchor you in the moment and help to bring you back home to your body. Enjoy a playful and sweaty sequence that will leave you feeling energized, cleansed, and refreshed!

  • Signature 45 with Shayna

    This class will invigorate your entire body while emphasizing the strength in your legs and core. This class will leave you feeling grounded, confident, balanced and of course a bit sweaty ;-)

  • Signature 45 with Shayna

    This class will energize and strengthen your body while keeping your mind calm and focused. Be prepared to sweat, breathe and drop into your center.

  • Signature Flow with Shayna | 60

    This class will open your heart and strengthen your arms and core while leaving you feeling grounded, clear and inspired.

  • Signature Flow with Krystina | 30

    This class is uplifting, with lots of movement around the mat. Focuses on opening up the hips and playing with balancing postures, working up to “dancer pose.”

  • Full Body Flow with Shayna | 60

    This class will invigorate you, strengthen your body and deepen your meditation practice in order to create lightness, clarity and magic!

  • +++Dominick - Signature Flow II (30 min) 6-21+++

    In this class we will practice balance and strength while flowing through eagle bind postures and transitions. Then near the end of this class we will focus on opening the hips.

  • Accept & Surrender with Shayna | 60

    This traditional flow includes a creative sequence that will strengthen, soothe and support your entire body and mind.

  • Hips & Heart Flow with Shayna | 60

    This invigorating yoga class will ease you into the deeper layers of your hips and heart so you can melt away stress and tension, find your strength and leave feeling reborn and light.

  • Signature Flow with Jaime | 60

    Exploring binds, using various twists to loosen any stiffness in the spine. Try to feel light as you float from one posture to another.

  • Happy Hammy with Jaime | 60

    A movement based class with a dominant focus on lengthening the hamstrings and opening up the outer hips. Plus glute and core stabilizer's to support the peak pose
    Peak pose: Pincha

  • Happy Hips with Katie | 20

    Need some happiness in your hips? This practice is designed to melt away tension that is carried in the hips throughout the day. You will loosen up with movements such as external rotation, hip flexion, and hip extension. Then end practice with some satisfying seated stretches.

  • +++Dominick - Signature Flow (30 min) 6-20+++

    This class begins with a breathing practice along with stretches that prepare the body to flow. I will guide the class through challenging transitions and power positions that involve twist and standing balances. The final section of this class is a warrior two series followed by outer hip stret...

  • Foundations with Steve | 20

    Improve your posture with poses that create more openness and mobility across the front of your shoulders and chest, and strengthen your upper back and core.

  • Signature Flow with Jaime | 30

    In this 30 minute class we lengthen the spine as we move through various heart opening backbends. Expect camel, bow, and drop backs for more advanced practitioners.

  • Signature Flow with Rachelle | 30

    Be prepared to sweat, breathe, and flow. This class will leave you feeling more grounded in your body, more clear in your mind, and more open in your heart.

  • +++Signature Flow with Shayna | 30+++

    This creative sequence will enhance the flow of energy in your body while clearing out any clutter in your mind. Prepare to feel strong, focused, refreshed and inspired.