• Deep Stretch with Krystina | 30

    We will begin to dive deeper into the layers of the body. Using the breath, minimal movements and transitions, with longer holds to invite us to explore the richness of our inner world.

  • +++Deep Stretch Hips with Shayna | 30 +++

    This class will open your hips, quads and lower body with deep mindful stretches designed to leave you feeling relaxed, open and creative.

  • Deep Stretch for Winter with Krystina | 30

    This class is made up of a series of poses for winter. Working with Chinese medicine and the meridians of the body that access the kidneys and bladder, the yin and the yang which represent the foundation of our being; physically mentally and emotionally. Through these simple stretches we will beg...

  • Soft & Slow with Jaime | 25

    In this 25 minute deep stretch we work through both passive and active holds to repair our bodies and give ourselves a bit of time to reset and rest. We start with Box Breath to ground down and slow down the body and then we move fluidly from one pose to the next. Put some of your favorite class...

  • Deep Stretch Flow with Krystina | 30

    This movement based deep stretch class incorporates simple sequencing which covers all parts of the body, giving you a well rounded practice! You will finish feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

  • +++Deep Stretch for Athletes 1 with Shayna | 35+++

    This class is a full body recovery for many types of sports and workouts. By targeting the primary places where muscular tension is held, you will learn how to safely modify the postures in order to achieve a stretch that will leave you feeling loose, flexible and more energized. This class will ...

  • Deep Stretch with Jaime lower body | 35

    In this class we hold passive stretches for up to 5 minutes to target the hamstrings, hips and glutes.

  • Deep Stretch for Fall with Krystina | 20

    This class is made up of a series of poses for fall. Working with Chinese medicine and the meridians of the body that access the lungs and intestines, we can begin to clear tension and resistance in the body. Focusing on the season of change, to let go of what no longer serves us and make space f...

  • Deep Stretch with Jaime Upper Body | 20

    In this class we hold passive stretches up to 5 minutes long targeting arms, shoulders, neck and spine.

  • Deep Stretch Hips with Steve | 30

    This class focuses on Strengthening and opening the full circumference of the Hip joint.

  • +++Deep Stretch for Athletes 2 with Shayna | 35 +++

    This class is geared to increasing mobility and flexibility, primarily in the shoulders, hips and hamstrings. By using props, you will learn how to achieve the perfect shape for your body. Whether you are in a tighter body or are naturally more flexible, this class will guide you to discovering a...