Core Fire

Core Fire

Is a fitness style class focused on building core stability through a blend of various strengthening and toning exercises targeting your trunk muscles.

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Core Fire
  • +++30 Minute Core with Shayna | 30+++

    This class will strengthen your lower abdominals and your lower back to help improve posture, stability and stimulate a positive confident mood.

  • 15 Min Abs with Krystina | 15

    Building off of fundamentals, these simple sets will leave you feeling the burn and work the core from every angle!

  • +++Jaime- Core 1 Twist and Shout (20 min)10.19.20+++

    In this 20-minute Core Fire class we're focusing on the side abdominals. Moving fluidly through seamless transitions into more strength based movements, we target the obliques with various crunches to tone and lengthen the core. There are a couple of chances to play around with your balance, and ...

  • +++Jaime - Core 3 Puppy Prep Pose (20 min) 10.19.20+++

    This 20-minute Core Fire is tough. It will help strengthen your abdominal wall and prepare you for your press handstand [with practice]. Lots of navel locks, lots of bandha action. Prepare to wobble. Come back to this one time and time again.

  • +++Jaime- Core 2 Mountain Groove (20 min) 10.19.20+++

    We start this 20-minute Core Fire class in a mountain pose, and then weave our way through various standing sequences that focus on strengthening the core through balances. It's not all upright though, there's plenty of boat poses, knee to noses and plank poses to fire up your entire abdominal wall.

  • +++Jaime - Core 4 Bandha Block Check (20 min) 10.19.20+++

    This 20-minute Core Fire is a burner. You'll need blocks or thick books. We will be working predominantly seated on our bums, whilst focusing on "Bandha Checks" to ignite the core and get your entire body floating off the floor. We work towards Elephant Trunk, with the option to take it into 8-an...

  • Core Fire with Katie | 30

    Get prepared to sweat! This intense practice is designed to fire up your core. Combining yoga poses with abdominal strengthening exercises, you'll tone your core muscles, improve mobility, and ignite power within, all while having fun! After this class you will feel unstoppable.

  • Core Fire with Jaime | 30

    Expect to sweat in this 30 minute core-focused class. Flowing through various drills on our way to our peak pose, Pincha Mayurasana.

  • Core Fire with Rachelle | 30

    Be prepared to breathe, sweat, and flow with a whole lot of emphasis on firing up and igniting your core. This practice is perfect if you are running low on time and can’t make it to the gym or the yoga studio.

  • Core Fire with Krystina | 20

    Get ready to feel the burn! This 20 minute sequence will fire up your lower abdominals and side obliques.

  • Core Fire with Jaime | 30

    This 30-minute core-fire class is a burner. You'll breathe it in and sweat it out, and feel completely exhilarated by the end. This class is both strength-based and detoxifying. It is hard work, but the payoff is sweet.