20 Minutes

20 Minutes

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20 Minutes
  • 15 Min Abs with Krystina | 15

    Building off of fundamentals, these simple sets will leave you feeling the burn and work the core from every angle!

  • +++Jaime- Core 1 Twist and Shout (20 min)10.19.20+++

    In this 20-minute Core Fire class we're focusing on the side abdominals. Moving fluidly through seamless transitions into more strength based movements, we target the obliques with various crunches to tone and lengthen the core. There are a couple of chances to play around with your balance, and ...

  • +++Jaime - Core 3 Puppy Prep Pose (20 min) 10.19.20+++

    This 20-minute Core Fire is tough. It will help strengthen your abdominal wall and prepare you for your press handstand [with practice]. Lots of navel locks, lots of bandha action. Prepare to wobble. Come back to this one time and time again.

  • +++Jaime- Core 2 Mountain Groove (20 min) 10.19.20+++

    We start this 20-minute Core Fire class in a mountain pose, and then weave our way through various standing sequences that focus on strengthening the core through balances. It's not all upright though, there's plenty of boat poses, knee to noses and plank poses to fire up your entire abdominal wall.

  • +++Jaime - Core 4 Bandha Block Check (20 min) 10.19.20+++

    This 20-minute Core Fire is a burner. You'll need blocks or thick books. We will be working predominantly seated on our bums, whilst focusing on "Bandha Checks" to ignite the core and get your entire body floating off the floor. We work towards Elephant Trunk, with the option to take it into 8-an...

  • Strength with Sliders Laura | 20

    This 20 minute upper body and core slider workout is killer! Don’t have sliders? Use 2 small towels on hardwood floor or 2 paper plates on carpet. The exercises in this session target obliques, rectus and transverse abdominals, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

  • Strength with Sliders Laura | 25

    This 30 minute lower body slider workout does not disappoint. Don’t have sliders? Use 2 small towels on hardwood floor or 2 paper plates on carpet. We target glutes, hamstrings, quads, adductors (inner thigh) and abductors (outer hip) by first performing all exercises on the right side and then m...

  • Full Body Dumbbell with Laura | 20

    This 20 minute full body dumbbell workout is a great strength builder. If you have a set of weights, this is a great time to break them out. We start with a full body warmup and move into two circuits - the first targeting lower body and core and the second focusing on back and obliques. You’ll s...

  • Booty Block with Laura | 20

    This 20 minute workout using a yoga block is dedicated to the booty. By targeting the glutes and hamstrings, we work to sculpt the back side of your body (AKA posterior chain). After the warmup, we start on the floor with glute bridge variations and move into standing exercises. Revisit anytime y...

  • Body Burn HIIT with Laura | 20

    This 20 minute full body high intensity workout will get your heart pumping and target every muscle group - no equipment needed. We start with a full body warmup to activate and engage the glutes, upper body and core. Each circuit of the workout includes a strength training exercise followed by a...

  • Happy Hips with Katie | 20

    Need some happiness in your hips? This practice is designed to melt away tension that is carried in the hips throughout the day. You will loosen up with movements such as external rotation, hip flexion, and hip extension. Then end practice with some satisfying seated stretches.

  • Foundations with Steve | 20

    Improve your posture with poses that create more openness and mobility across the front of your shoulders and chest, and strengthen your upper back and core.

  • 20 Minute Core with Steve | 20

    This class focuses on strengthening the front and side abdominals, along with your low back.

  • Intro to Yoga with Steve | 20

    This class focuses on creating strength for a strong well aligned Chaturanga.

  • Core Fire with Krystina | 20

    Get ready to feel the burn! This 20 minute sequence will fire up your lower abdominals and side obliques.